2015 Winner – Rum Point


Owner: Vidal & Lisa Brewer

Designer: Nicolas Tye Architects

Engineer: AMR Consulting Engineers

Contractor: undisclosed

MEP: undisclosed

Nominated by:  Nicolas Tye Architects (Katie Wilson)



Ultra-contemporary and distinctly Euro in tone, this residence derives from stark contrasts between bright blue sky and mottled blue-green Caribbean turquoise against the blindingly brilliant white Rum Point beach.  Apparently fractured, the house sits with surprisingly harmony and grace beside its beach house neighbours. With crossovers of levels creating unique interiors and exteriors, it reaches from out of the sand to the sky like a rising series of geological, geometrically techtonic shapes. Hardscaping and landscaping remain naturally- even sympathetically- in harmony with the house’s architecture. Boundaries between garden, pool and beach are blurred- the house and its precinct is connected to and is now a part of that nature, sea, sand, that is the island of Grand Cayman.

The house is natural, elegant, eloquent.