Nominations for the 2019 Governor’s Award should consist of the completed and authorised Nomination Form, which can be downloaded here and a completed PowerPoint slide presentation based on this downloadable template.

The slide presentation should address the judging criteria as completely but as succinctly as the submission format allows. The Judges are looking for material that is clearly presented and concisely informs them of the project and its response to these criteria:


Residential Projects in the Cayman Islands that demonstrate strategies aimed at improving performance across all the environmental performance metrics such as energy consumption, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts are a requirement for consideration as a nominated project for an Award.

In addition, the project must have been executed in the Cayman Islands by a design team represented locally by an architect-of-record and engineers-of-record, and constructed by a general contractor and subcontractors registered with the Cayman Islands Builders Board.


These are some of the issues that will be of interest to the Judges in evaluating the nominations for the Governor’s Award:

Design Excellence

  • Detail the complexity of the development objectives, problems or situations addressed in the design
  • Demonstrate the project team’s resourcefulness in planning and resolving design and construction challenges

Creativity and Innovation

  • Demonstrate new, adaptive or innovative application of technology, design, materials or process and construction methods


  • Evaluate the contribution of the nominated project to the development and construction sectors of the Cayman Islands economy, related Professions and to the public perception of the endeavour represented by the nominated project
  • Show that these positive perceptions include contributions to environmental and cultural concerns


  • Demonstrate effective and efficient collaboration between the process of design and the process of construction
  • Comment on quality of the constructed project, specifically on stakeholder satisfaction and proven performance
  • Articulate how the project used a systemic, integrated approach to both its design and construction

Cultural Response

  • Describe active and passive social, economic, and cultural considerations addressed by the project team in the process of designing and constructing the nominated project
  • Catalogue the project’s improvements to public health, safety, and welfare in the Cayman Islands
  • Describe the project’s active and passive contributions to Caymanian culture and the arts

The downloadable PowerPoint™ template will allow adequate format space for describing and showing off the nominated project’s responses to these criteria. We encourage deftly written abstracts interspersed by photographs of no less than 300 dpi resolution.

Multiple images on each slide is permissible, but the overall submission presentation should not exceed 20 slides.

Include only data and charts absolutely essential to understanding the project’s technical aspects or innovations.

Videos will not be accepted as part of the nomination or judging process.

Nominations and entry presentations in ‘Power Point’ format only, should be loaded onto a memory stick (or copied onto a CD-ROM) and delivered with the completed and signed Entry Nomination Form, to:

  • The Cayman First Building, Located on Shedden Road

All entries must have reached us by no later than 3pm, Friday 15th November 2019.

The Governor’s Award programme may use photos for publicity purposes and may publish them in REAL LIFE Caribbean magazine and other newspaper articles or trade journals.