2019 Winner



Owner: Chris and Heidi Blair • Architect: John Doak Architecture
Structural Engineer: AMR Consulting Engineers • MEP Consultants: Corporate Electric Design • Contractor (‘Pinkie’): Island Builders • Contractor (‘Driftwood’): Palmyra Developments •  Landscaping: Vigoro Nursery Cayman

‘Pinkie’ and ‘Driftwood’, two homes on the same property at Pull and Be Damned Point in South Sound, are home with- the one is a 1904 Caymanian Cottage restored in the traditional manner and the other a 2019 Cayman Styled beach house designed and built to respect Caymanian built heritage.

‘Pinkie’ (named after Nurse Pinkie Bush who once lived there) was an original wattle and daub cottage hidden behind a series of additions that had been made to the home over the last century. The second home,“Driftwood”, is the first of a brace of beach houses that speak to the Islands’ past heritage while considering its residents’ modern and changing lifestyles and societal influences.

These delightful little houses are architectural jewels that both acknowledge or even predict the environmental performance expectations of Cayman’s 21st centurywhile informing us what being ‘of this place Cayman’ really should mean.